Cell phone service has become an important factor in the safety and quality of life. For some, it is the only source they use as more and more people are shifting from landlines to cell phones in an effort to save money. Unfortunately, there are areas in the state of Mississippi that still lack good wireless coverage. This is true despite the fact that millions of dollars have been collected by wireless providers in Mississippi for this exact reason. By getting the public involved through Zap the Gap Consumer Wireless Surveys, the Mississippi Public Service Commission wants to change that.

We would also like to hear from you regarding internet access in your area.  Please take a few moments to complete the "Broadband Internet Survey" so that we might better understand the status of high speed internet availability in Mississippi.

Consistent with the framework created by Congress, the Mississippi Public Service Commission designates companies as Eligible Telecommunications Carriers (“ETCs”) for participation in the FCC’s Connect America Fund (“CAF”). The Commission is tasked with ensuring that ETCs use CAF support consistent with federal statutes and the FCC’s implementing regulations and may collect information to preserve and advance the goal of universal broadband service. The data you provide through Zap the Gap is reported quarterly to the FCC and your providers in order to more accurately pinpoint areas of the state with insufficient coverage.

Click on the "Cell Phone Survey" link above to fill out the Consumer Wireless Survey or "Broadband Internet Survey" to fill out the High Speed Internet Survey.  If you would rather fill out a paper form and mail it to our office, click on the "Download Broadband Survey" link at the top of the page.


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