No Call Violators – What To Do When You Receive A Call

Did you know it’s still possible to catch these violators even if there is no number on your caller ID? All you have to do is report the date and time they called and PSC investigators can still track down these violators. Contact the Northern District PSC office at 800-637-7722 or 800-356-6428 and let’s put these violators out of business.

Do You Need Help Paying for Your Telephone Bill?

To see if you qualify for financial assistance with your telephone bill payments, click here and then fill out the Lifeline/Linkup Application.

Track Your Energy Costs with a Free Home Energy Audit

An energy audit will show you which areas of your home use the most energy and help you decide the most effective way to reduce energy costs. You can conduct a simple audit yourself, contact your local utility, or call an independent energy auditor for a more comprehensive examination. Check your home's insulation levels, and check for open fireplace dampers. Look for holes or cracks around doors, light and plumbing fixtures, and other places where air may leak into or out of your home. Make sure your appliances and heating and cooling systems are properly maintained, and study your family's lighting needs and use patterns, paying special attention to high-use areas.

By completing TVA’s online energy e-Valuation, TVA will send you a FREE energy conservation kit filled with items to help you save energy and reduce your electric bill. The energy conservation kit includes two compact fluorescent light bulbs, outlet and light switch gaskets, filter whistle, two faucet aerators, hot water temperature gauge, home thermometer, and “How to Save” brochure. You’ll also receive a customized energy report to help you understand where your home is wasting energy - and how you can fix those expensive leaks before winter gets here. This offer is open to residents of the Tennessee Valley served by TVA and local distributors of TVA power. Complete the evaluation and you will receive your kit in approximately 4-6 weeks. Limit one kit per household. A mail-in home e-Valuation can also be ordered at TVA’s website:

ENERGYsmart Library is your online source for information about energy topics and technologies to learn more about the energy used in your home.

Energy-saving tips for kids - One of the best ways to promote energy efficiency is to get kids involved. At TVA’s new Web site just for kids, they can find out what to do at home and at school to help reduce the consumption of electricity.

Ever Wonder Where All Your Energy Goes?

This chart breaks down the energy dollar for a typical, all-electric household.


Energy Savings Tips

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