Welcome to the Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley‘s Task Forces page. If you are sick of poor cellular telephone service, we need your help. We hope you will help us ensure that Mississippi gets every federal dollar we can to improve cell coverage in your area. To combat poor cellular service in the Northern District of Mississippi, we have asked for volunteers from each of the thirty three counties to join a county task force. The purpose is this: In the coming months, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington will be granting federal dollars to the states to help build new and better cell phone towers in areas that have little or no coverage currently. However, there is a serious problem. The FCC has been given bad information from large cell phone companies that nearly every square inch of Mississippi has great service. Because of the incorrect maps, Mississippi stands to lose millions of dollars to increase cellular service. We know this is not true! Thankfully, the FCC allows states to challenge the accuracy of the map. We can do this by simply downloading an app and running speed tests wherever you are. The app will automatically store the results of your speed tests, and at the end of the challenge period, the Public Service Commission will submit all of your findings to the FCC to show them just how poor coverage really is. On this website you can find instructions on where to sign up, where to download the app, and how to use it. Together we can make a difference for the State of Mississippi. If you have any questions, please email us at

FCC Speed Test Guide

The FCC Speed Test app is available as a free download for supported Apple and Android devices via each platform’s respective app stores:
• You simply search “FCC Speed Test” in the iTunes App Store or GooglePlay Store.

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